Are you looking for someone to make Project Reports , to enable you to obtain Bank Loans as also to run your Projects efficiently and on scientific lines?

If you are, then you do not have to look further.  We , at the MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY DIVISION    of   CSOFT CONSULTANTS , provide you all the expertise in developing extensive Project Reports for Banks / Financial Institutions.  The Project Reports produced by us are not only to obtain Bank Loans but also to ensure that the entrepreneurs have access to all factual data to be able to run their projects on scientific lines.

We also provide consultancy to Engineering /  Industrial / Commercial Units in PROJECT MANAGEMENT to improve upon their working in terms of Time / Motion study of production lines, correction / modification of process flows, commercial aspects and whatever goes on to make the Unit profitable and professional.

In addition we provide CONSULTANCY FOR COMPLETE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS for Industrial, Commercial and Engineering units.

We also provide expertise to Engineering Construction companies, in their CONTRACT MANAGEMENT, CONTRACT CLAIMS & INSURANCE CLAIMS as also assistance in ARBITRATION and other LEGAL MATTERS.

And apart from the above, we also provide:

•  Feasibility Studies
•  Engineering Solutions
•  Business Solutions thru Customised Software Development
•  Specialized Manpower Recruitment Service
•  Specialized Corporate Training  and 
•  Development of Sophisticated Web portals - to take care of your    internet marketing.

At Csoft, you have access to a wide spectrum of senior professionals to deliver to the Clients the best possible Reports and Analysis.


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