Billing Software For the Book Fair

CS:BOOKFAIR - The Billing Software for the Book Fair has successfully run for several Industry Leaders and matured in the Book Fairs for many years. This year again we are offering our services at the World Book Fair '2004 to make it a smooth affair for our clients.

CS:BOOKFAIR is very practical and is specifically fine tuned for the Publishing Industry.

CS:BOOKFAIR is in use at the stalls of the following publishers:
   • Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd
   • Pearson Education
   • Ratna Sagar Pvt Ltd
   • Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd
   • Elsevier...


CS:BOOKFAIR helps in:
   • Generation and Printing of.
      • Cash Memo which include Cash / Credit Card Sales
      • Proforma Invoices
      • Credit Invoices
      • Approval Memos
   • Multi-Currency Billing for imported books in Dollar and Pound
   • Bar Code reading of ISBN
   • Maintaining Stocks and Inventory
   • Comprehensive Discounts Handling & Support
   • Comprehensive Reporting
      • Daily Sales Report with breakup on Cash / Credit / Credit Card realization
      • Imprint-wise Sales summary
      • Title-wise, Rate-wise, Discount-wise Sales Summary
      • Book Fair Stock and Sales Report
      • Special Reporting to monitor the Books going "Out-of-Stock " at the exhibition
   • Facilitating Master Creation through Import of Title, Price, Customer and Discounts data using system provided pre-defined Excel Sheet.
   • Exporting data into MS - Excel Sheet format, for further use by the client.


   • The client will have an edge over others if he avails of our CS: BOOKFAIR Point of Sale Software at the World Book Fair '04.
   • By using this sophisticated and easy to operate software the client...
      • Presents himself as a Modern and Progressive Organization
      • BOOSTS his IMAGE and the SALES as well at the Book Fair
   • Total control over his business

The software gives you the following benefits:

   • Accurate Inventory Status
   • Any Point of time Cash Collection Report
   • Faster Sales Memo
   • Accurate Handling of Discounts


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