CS:PROD is an excellent Production and Costing System which takes care of all the Production and costing details of the Publishing house and provides the unit cost details of the titles printed.

CS:PROD is a stand alone system (for the benefit of the users who want isolated solutions) and also can be easily integrated with CS:PUBLISH (Billing and inventory Module).


• Masters
   • Vendor Master
   • Title Master
   • Paper Size Master
   • Gsm Master
   • Paper Mill Master
   • Service tax Master
   • Temporary Title Master - Budgeted Costing of a title which has so far not been allotted an ISBN
   • Miscellaneous Cost Master

• Transactions

   • Budgeted Cost sheet (Having multiple Impressions with a single costheets)
   • Creation of Indents from Budgeted Cost Sheet
   • Job orders
      • Paper order (Text / Cover)
      • Paper order - Bulk Purchase (Text / Cover)
      • Print order (Text / Cover)
      • Lamination Order (Text / Cover)
      • Binding Order (text / Cover)
      • Turn Key Print order
      • Turn Key Print order (without Paper)
   • Bills (From Vendors)
      • Bills against Paper order (Text / Cover)
      • Bills against Paper order - Bulk Purchase (Text / Cover)
      • Bills against Print order (Text / Cover)
      • Bills against Lamination Order (Text / Cover)
      • Bills against Binding Order (text / Cover)
      • Bill against Turn Key Print order (Unit Cost PO)
      • Bill against Turn Key Print order (Unit Cost PO) (without Paper)
      • Bills for Prepress Work
      • Bills for Misc Costs
      • Stock Adjusments Memos - Allocating Paper from bulk stock to Indents
   • Closure of indents (All bills received and actual unit cost planted for that indent)

• Reports
   • Print Run Cost Report
   • Weighted Average Cost Report
   • Work in Progress Report (From Actual Bills)
   • CostBook (From Actual Bills)
   • Bills Monitoring Report (PO's for which Bills have not been received)
   • Budgeted VS. Actual Report
   • Paper Ledger - Text / Cover (Size,GSM, Paper Mill wise)
   • Printer Ledger - Text / Cover (Size,GSM, Paper Mill wise)
   • Paper Consumption By Printer - Text / Cover (Size,GSM, Paper Mill wise)
   • Forecast of paper requirement - Text / Cover

◊  Easy to Use
◊ Powerful
◊  Comprehensive MIS
◊  State of the Art Features
   •  Instant Reporting
   •  Flexibility
   •  Power Utilities
   •  Single-User / Multi-User
   •  Data Security
   •  Data Report Export for MS-EXCEL
◊  Easy Operation and Integration with other C-SOFT modules
◊  Desired extensions in the Package can be carried out by C-SOFT's expert customization service.


Network Server

  • Intel PII with min. 32 MB RAM
Network Operating System
  • MS-Windows NT
  • MS-Window Workgroup
  • Intel Pentiums / equivalents with min. 32MB RAM
Desktop Operating Systems
  • MS-Windows 9X and upwards

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