is an excellent Billing & Inventory module which takes care of all the Business needs. User has several options to configure the system as per his working environment.

CS:PUBLISH has the capability to handle multiple price bands, multi-branch, multi-warehouse, the data is split into yearly basis. It can be used by small to a very large organisation with equal ease. It is a very comprehensive System, which can be further customized as per user requirements.

CS:PUBLISH also runs as a standalone (for the benefit of the users who want isolated solutions), the platform being MS Window, compatible with Networked environment.

It is a component of a very comprehensive software CS:PUB - an ERP-like Integrated solution for the publishing industry.


• Address Master - A common pool of all possible addresses attached to the company
   • Customer
   • Supplier
   • Personal contacts

• Party Attributes

   •Parties Categorization into more than one category (Bookseller, Library Suppliers….etc)
   • Party Status (Active / Inactive)
   • Party Preferred Bank
   • Party Preferred Transporter
   • Standing Order Instructions
   • Credit Period
   • Credit Limits
   • Multi Level Discount Definition
   • Blocking for Returns at Imprint Level / Title Level

• Title Master - Comprehensive Title Master With a large number of attributes, some of them listed below:
   • Imprint
   • Sub-Imprint
   • Subjects
   • Size of the book
   • Volume#
   • Number of Pages
   • Weight
   • Reorder Level
   • EOQ
   • Active / Dormant
   • Book Bound (HB / PB / F&G… etc)

• Pricing
   • Selling Price
   • Cost Price
   • Cover Price
   • Tentative price

• Transactions
   • Orders
   • Invoicing
   • Cash Memo Sales
   • Unsupplied Reports
   • Sales Returns
   • Stocks Transfers (Between Branches)
   • Stocks Adjustments
◊  Purchase of Titles (Import / Local purchase)
◊  Production (Local imprints)
◊  Purchase Returns
◊  Approval Memos
◊  Proforma Invoices
◊  Sampling
◊  Debit notes
◊  Credit notes
◊  Payment Receipt - Receipt Allocation with the invoice, debit notes credit notes for debtor aging
◊  Covering Letters

• Reports
- We have an endless list of most comprehensive reports some of them being listed as follows:
   • Online Customer Service Query System
   • Online Stocks Query Report
   • Debtor Aging
   • Stock Aging
   • Costing (Stock Valuation)
   • Stocks Ledgers
   • Royalty Accrual Advise

◊  Easy to Use
◊ Powerful
◊  Comprehensive MIS
◊  State of the Art Features
   •  Instant Reporting
   •  Flexibility
   •  Power Utilities
   •  Single-User / Multi-User
   •  Data Security
   •  Data Report Export for MS-EXCEL
◊  Easy Operation and Integration with other C-SOFT modules
◊  Desired extensions in the Package can be carried out by C-SOFT's expert customization service.


Network Server

  • Intel PII with min. 32 MB RAM
Network Operating System
  • MS-Windows NT
  • MS-Window Workgroup
  • Intel Pentiums / equivalents with min. 32MB RAM
Desktop Operating Systems
  • MS-Windows 9X and upwards
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